Kelley (fukrware) wrote in floridamommies,

Diaper rash issues

My son NEVER gets diaper rash. He is 2 now. If he does, it's a couple of little pimple like things occasionally. Out of the blue today, he's got some SERIOUS looking rash going on, and it just popped up since this morning. It was non existent when he woke up, a little red by the second diaper change, and now, it's terrible. I thought earlier the redness was from him going down his little slide in just a diaper, maybe a friction rash. But now, it's worse and all over his poor bottom. He's made me 3 poops today, bordering on diarrhea, but not totally liquid. He is normally just a once a day kind of a guy. Could it be something he ate? As far as I know, there haven't been any changes in his diet lately, no new foods or anything. I'll have to ask my hubby. Any ideas anyone? I'm baffled. I'm trying to battle it with some cream and just water for wipes. He's so sore... I should have taken a pic, but it looks like a pretty standard diaper rash to me. TIA

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