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X-posted in all my comminities........

I just wanted to update all you fine ladies out there.Say hello to all the newbies...
My name is Shey. I just celebrated my 22nd birthday, and I have a 4 year old daughter and a great most of the time) girlfriend. My myspace address is I like making new friends and I will talk about anything to anyone, feel free to add me!!

For those of you who already check out my my journal- here's the update:
Me and the lady just made 9 months.Yayness

We just moved into a two-story townhome- it's nice, we're renting, it's in the ghetto, but it's ours.

To make it relevant to other communities I post too- Our sex life is good- but we can't get past the power struggles.......She is a self proclaimed butch, and I go labeless, but sometimes I can be aggressive. Working on that- any ideas?

I want to thank those who replied to my last post - everyone was right I jsut needed to talk to her -she apologized and we're on even keel again.

Ps-I tried to cut it- but no link....Any help? This is what I typed "<'lj-cut text=Hello again'>my entry" Minus the " and '
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