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TV shows for toddlers/preschooler age kids

My son is 2 1/2 now. I've just come to realize, maybe a bit late, that he has outgrown his Baby Einstein videos. While they still entertain him, they don't educate him anymore. They seem to primarily teach what objects are, and now that he knows these things, they are little more than just pretty pictures to watch. I might as well be plopping him down in front of Cartoon Network, which totally defeats the purpose of an educational video. So, my question to you is this: Aside from Sesame Street, (not that I'm against Sesame Street, just that I already know they exist and have placed an order for a few tapes.) what is your favorite educational video for the older toddler to preschool age child? I'd prefer something that is entertaining for the child, but not necessarily so annoying to the adult that we would rather listen to fingernails on chalk board. In other words, no Barney or stuff like that. My son is very interested in the alphabet, numbers, learning new words, etc. just like any other toddler. Also, I'm interested in something with rhyming words. My son has a bit of a delay in speech and also social interaction which we are working on, and I think getting into videos that show people and kids conversing interacting with eachother will help, and also anything that enunciates words well will help him with his prononciation... I don't have cable, and I'm not planning to get it. It's too expensive. I just want to be able to go online and buy it, or go to a store or whatever.

Also, I'm not trying to start a debate here about whether or not TV is good for kids... really. I don't let my son watch that much, but what I do let him watch I want him to learn something from. Not that I have to defend myself, but I know it'll get asked, so there it is. Anyway, please... lets not start a war here. I just want some good advice. K? TIA, everyone.

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