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I hope this is allowed if not I'll delete it...

Hey everyone... I'm really sorry if this isnt allowed I'll delete it... my family (my husband, our 16month old, and myself plus the one in my belly) have fallen into really difficult times. we bought a house March 8th of this year, and then my husband lost his job, we haven't been able to pay mortgage. My husband has been job hunting but no luck. So our only options here is to sell or allow a foreclosure. I'd prefer to sell. We're not looking for a profit we just want to be able to pay off the loan and cut even on it. My family all just moved to N.C. so we'll be heading over there as soon as we figure out whats going to happen with the house... We're not able to list it with a realtor since we can't afford that so we're trying to sell it by word of mouth (which doesn't make it any easier). So if any of you are in miami, looking to move to miami, or know anyone who would be interested in taking it as an investment property please show them this... any help is greatly appreciated... I really don't want to end up in foreclosure as it will mess up our credit (what little credit we have left)... THANKS




3/2 single family home, corner lot of a culdesac in a very quiet neighborhood, the children play outside and everyone looks out for each other.

The house is a spacious 1570 sq ft and the lot size is 6491 with plenty of space to build on. A chain Link Fence surrounds the grassy patio area. It was built in 1988 and we are just the 3rd owners. The A/C unit is very efficient as it was just replaced shortly before we purchased. The roof was fully redone last year and is still under guarantee.

The living space is covered in 12" tile and the living room has a carpeted insert. The rooms are also carpeted but the carpets do have some stains.

The house features a screened

The electrical seems to be good as our Electricity bill hasn't been higher than $120. Interior walls are in the process of gettting a fresh paint job.

The exterior paint is in "ok" condition but you might want to repaint it at some point. The security bars were removed in order to pass inspection, the bars were set into the concrete, so when they were pulled out some of the concrete was damaged. It can be patched up and painted over.

Price: $295,000/ VERY negotiable

Method of Sale: By owner


Contact Information:

Vanessa Sosa 786-395-7099 or Luis Sosa 954-673-4455

 Miami, Florida (perrine area) on SW 115th Street and 175th Court.-in tiled patio/party room with an adjacent laundry room with washer & dryer. The kitchen is spacious and has lots of cupboards, counter space and a built in pantry. Flat top range, dish washer, double sink, with a window that leads to the party room, great for passing food from the kitchen to the party room. The double door refrigerator is outdated and you might want to replace it. * *Near by access to The Turnpike. Right behind Miami Heights Elementary School. Five minutes away from the Miami Metro Zoo. Within close distance to Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Video Rentals, Restaurants and an easy drive to the Keys.
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