Kelley (fukrware) wrote in floridamommies,

Baby Video monitor

Sooooo..... I've been looking for a baby video monitor for some time now, because my obsessive checking up on my son sometimes wakes him up. My problem with these is that they seem so terribly overpriced. Well, did some internet searching and came up with this. I just received it in the mail yesterday, and got it all hooked up and working today. The thing is amazing, and I haven't found anything close to it for less then double the price I paid for it. Granted, in the week since I paid, it has gone up about 7 dollars, but it is still amazingly cheap.

If anyone is in the market for an item like this, check it out! It actually comes with rechargeable batteries, so you just plug it in at night, and voila... no more dead battery problems. It is totally portable, and if you are having a hard time seeing the screen, you can plug it into your tv or vcr and view it there! It has a built in clock/alarm, and also a headphone jack if you want to use it but not bother others. God... I'm sounding like a total commercial here, so mods, if this is inappropriate, please delete. I just wanted to share this awesome product with others.

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